A Fun and Educational Math Game

Are you looking for a fun, educational math game that your kids will love to play?  How about adding math facts to a game they already love!  We did just that at Within Reach Learning Center in Mission Viejo when we introduced the students to Multiplication Jenga and Addition Jenga.

We started with the classic game, Jenga, used a label maker and typed multiplication facts and addition facts, then stuck them on the Jenga blocks and…Presto!  A fun and challenging game that helps students practice their math facts at the same time.  The kids had so much fun choosing a block, saying their answer, and then carefully stacking the block on top.  What great practice for fine motor skills too.   The excitement on their faces when the wobbly tower finally toppled over made it seem as though they didn’t even realize that they had been practicing math for the last 15 minutes!

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Want to make your own Multiplication or Addition Jenga to play at home?  The site where we found this brilliant idea The Organized Classroom Blog has a link where you can print a page of math facts to add to your own Jenga game.  We used her list and typed the facts on labels with a label maker.  The site also has some other fun ideas of how to turn classic games into educational play.


We would love to hear how your children liked playing this game at home.  What other educational games do you play with your children?


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