Amazing At-Home Science Experiments

Summer break may still be a few months away but it’s never to early to start planning those daily activities.   The challenge is finding activities that aren’t completely mindless.  What better activity to do with them than a fun science experiment?  Your afternoons are guaranteed to be tons of fun and educational with these At-Home Science Experiments…

Visit The New Home EC blog for the complete list.  Here are a few that Within Reach Learning Center likes…

Elephant Toothpaste – Perform this once with your child, then ask them what might happen if you changed the amounts or left out an ingredient. Let them direct the experiment!  Also, the foam created is safe to touch.  It is simply water, oxygen gas, and soap, so if your child has no soap allergies, they can experience and experiment with the texture of the foam!  Preschool Powol Packets







Seven Layer Density – Anyone can stack blocks, boxes, or books, but only those with a steady hand and a little understanding of chemistry can stack liquids. What if you could stack seven different liquids in seven different layers? Think of it as a science burrito!  Kids are sure to love this colorful, hands on experiment.  Steve Spangler Science







Jellyfish in a Bottle – With just 5 simple ingredients, which you probably already have in your kitchen, you can help your kiddos make thier very own “pet” jellyfish!  When your’re done, just let the kids turn the bottle upside down – they’ll be surprised to see it move every time they turn the bottle. And they’ll try to confuse this little jellyfish by turning the bottle back and forth very fast!  Bhoomplay’s Blog







Walking on Eggshells -What if you could show your kids that eggs are really much stronger than most of us imagine? What if nature’s design of the incredible edible egg was so perfect that the thin, white outer coating of an egg was strong enough to withstand the weight of your body? Wake the kids! Phone the neighbors! It’s time for the Walking on Eggshells challenge.  Steve Spangler Science







Within Reach Learning Center hopes that this inspires you to do something creative with your kids.  Happy experimenting!!


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