Avoid the Summer Slide!

A long summer break is a great time for your child to refresh and take time away from his studies. Unfortunately, children who don’t do any academic work often lose some of their hard earned knowledge over the summer.

Instead of sending your child back to school to spend 4-6 weeks re-learning new material, consider summer an opportunity to learn and play.  Our summer reading, math, and writing classes at Within Reach Learning Center will keep your child ahead of the game for when they return to school.

Here are some things that you can do at home as well to avoid the summer slide…


Read every day!  Continue your child’s required 20 minutes per day all through the summer.  This is a great time to visit the local library and pick out some fascinating new books to read together over the summer.  Kids can even organize a book club with their friends to talk about what they are reading and keep those comprehension skills sharp!

Have some daily quiet time.  Silence the phones, turn of the T.V., and unplug the video games for a while each day to relax and read.  You can use this time to read with your child, have them read alone, or have them respond to what they are reading in a journal.  They might even enjoy something interactive like a learn to draw book or a magazine.


Add it up!  Encourage your child to keep running totals for things they do.  They can add up their allowance they earn and save it for something special.  If you have summer travel planned they can keep a log of how many miles you travel.  For younger ones they can simply keep track of their own reading minutes throughout the summer.

Have fun with math!  Summer is the perfect time to try out some fun new math games.  We love math games at Within Reach… everything from Guess my Number (similar to 20 questions) to different variations of Go Fish, to multiplication or addition Jenga.  The idea is to have some good old fashion family fun and sneak in some learning at the same time!


Encourage different types of writing.  Help your child discover all the different ways they can express themselves through writing.  Encourage them to keep a journal while traveling to record their experiences.  Help them write letters or postcards to family members.  Let them help out by writing the grocery list (a great way to keep their penmanship sharp).

Make it a family thing!  Have a family writers workshop.  Each person in the family can “submit” their own original writing.  Chose a night where everyone can share their writing over a nice family dinner or camp out in the back yard.  Be sure to talk about and respond to each others writing to really help sharpen their skills.

Check out this infographic for more fun activities.

Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear how you plan to integrate reading, writing, and math skills into your summer activities.

Be sure to visit our website or contact us to learn more about our summer classes and help avoid that summer slide!!



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