Best Educational Apps for Kids

Let’s face it… kids today love technology! So why not embrace that love with some great educational apps for math, reading, and art?

A great math app to try is PopMath Basic Math.  Its a modern take on boring flashcards.  Kids “pop” pairs of bubbles containing a math facts to earn points.  The game can be set to addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts.  The game is timed, but players can still work at their own pace and even go back to previous levels to review.  They are sure to love this one because what kid doesn’t like bubbles!

Another great app for phonics and spelling practice is Word Wizard.  It’s like the “Speak N’ Spell” for the tech generation!  Kids get visual and auditory practice with spelling all while playing a fun game.  You can also customize spelling lists to work on a particular skill or even this week’s spelling words!

We love educational apps at Within Reach Learning Center!  They’re a great way to challenge an eager learner or reinforce basic skills for kids who may be struggling a bit.  The best part is that they are learning while having fun!

Searching for the perfect app?  Check out for some great choices for iPad, iPhone, and Andriod devices.

We would love to hear from you… what educational apps does your child like to play?


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