Bust End-of-Summer Boredom

The end of summer is nearly here!  It get hard to keep your child entertained in these late summer weeks.  On top of trying to prepare for the upcoming school year you also find yourself trying to keep the kids entertained.

Here are some great ideas that Within Reach Learning Center loves from babble.com that are sure to keep kids entertained until the first day of school.

Do some sidewalk art.  Coloring books are only fun for so long.  If you are out of ideas for fun summer art projects then give the kiddos some chalk, turn them loose on the sidewalk or driveway, and see what they come up with on their own.  You can help out by giving them a theme to design around or just let them freestyle.  Which ever you choose, the artwork is sure to be amazing!

Learn a new dance.  Head to YouTube and find a fun dance to try.  Let older kids learn it themselves and perform for you later.  Younger kids might need some help picking up the steps.  Encourage them to go through the closets to put together costumes for their big performance.  You can even plan a family BBQ and have an evening performance!

Have a family movie night.  Let the kids pick out a new movie or one of their old faves.  You can have an early evening showing if you have little ones and then let the older kids stay up a little late for the movie of their choice.  Make it extra fun by adding popcorn, lemonade, or even a homemade fort in the living room.  The key is to do something different that everyone can enjoy together.

Create a scavenger hunt.  A great idea that we like form babble.comis the idea of a photo hunt.  Give the kids a list of household items and the camera and let them loose to find and photograph each item.  If the weather isn’t too hot you can also give them a list of items to be found outside or around the neighborhood to photograph.  The larger the list, the longer they will be entertained!

Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear from you… how do you keep your kids entertained until the first day of school.?


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