Super Students of the Month

Within Reach Learning Center has some pretty fantastic students to recognize this month for our August Students of the Month!  All of our students are hard workers and have great attitudes but these two students really stood out.  Please help us congratulate our two Students of the Month… Ricardo and Olivia! Ricardo (Reading) – Rodrigo […]

200 Days at Within Reach!

Within Reach Learning Center would like to congratulate 2 students on reaching their 200th Day in reading… Congrats to Eryn and Mateo!!  Both these students have now attended reading classes at Within Reach for 200 days… what a commitment!  We are so very proud of all their hard work that they have both shown each […]

Outstanding Student Progress

Within Reach Learning Center is celebrating 4 math classes this week who graduated their current level and are moving on to the next! All these students worked so hard to master their skills and we are so proud of their success.  Help us congratulate our math graduates… Aiden, Daniel, and Vincent all graduated from the Beta addition […]

May Students of the Month

Within Reach Learning Center would like to recognize two students for their outstanding effort and progress!  Our Students of the Month for May are…   Sydnee (Writing) – Sydnee is our May Student of the Month for writing class! She is such a joy to teach! Sydnee has been at Within Reach for reading, math, […]

Art Camp Coming to Within Reach!

Within Reach Learning Center is excited to announce that we are adding Art Camp to our center! We started with reading and writing classes 8 years ago, and we then went on to add math classes. Art is something I have always wanted to have at my center, and after years of kids and parents […]

Outstanding Readers at Within Reach

Our students at Within Reach Learning Center have been working hard on improving their reading fluency.  This week 5 of our girls made outstanding progress and we are so excited to share the news with you! Kaitlyn, Koko, Ryan, Ella, and Julia  all reached their Dibels score goal this week and read 100 words per […]

Super Students of the Month

This month at Within Reach Learning Center we did something a little different to choose our Students of the Month.  All students participated in our READO and MATHO activity.  At the beginning of the month each student received a READO and/or MATHO paper – a sheet of 25 activities to complete.  The sheets had fun activities for […]

Outstanding Students of the Month!

We have 4 fantastic students to recognize this month for their outstanding progress at Within Reach Learning Center.  Here are our Student of the Month winners for February… Abby (Reading) – We love Abby because she puts a smile on our face every single day!  She comes to class ready to work and have a great […]

Successful Students at Within Reach Learning Center

Wow!  What a week of achievements at Within Reach Learning Center.  We had 4 reading classes and 4 math classes graduate and move up to their next level this week. Reading Class Graduates Let’s congratulate Ryan, Koko, Ella, Kirk, Jaydn, and Alexis.  All these students just graduated to level 4 and are working towards reading 100 words per […]

Positive Parenting Tips

“Don’t do that,” “Be nice to your brother,” “NO!”  Do you sometimes feel like more negative comes out of your mouth than positive?  In today’s busy world it’s hard to slow down and remember to be positive and compliment your children.  However, this is the type of talk that our children need the most of. […]

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