Math Games for Kids

Here is a great math game to play with your kids! At Within Reach Learning Center, we focus on learning through games, now here is one game we love to play that you can do at home.  Your kids will have fun, and they will not feel like they are working on their math facts. […]

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Help With Homework

Is homework time in your house a struggle? Homework help is here! Homework should not be a battle. Here are some steps you can take to encourage your elementary-age child to take responsibility for his own homework assignments. Although lots there are lots of tutoring places in Orange County, it still does not solve the […]

Fun Math Activities for the Summer

  Math is everywhere, not just in the classroom, and summer is a great time to learn how math relates to the real world. It’s more than just addition and subtraction worksheets— it’s everywhere you look. Keep your child learning this summer with these ways to find math in the everyday. Here are some great […]

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