Art Camp Coming to Within Reach!

Within Reach Learning Center is excited to announce that we are adding Art Camp to our center! We started with reading and writing classes 8 years ago, and we then went on to add math classes. Art is something I have always wanted to have at my center, and after years of kids and parents […]

Fun Easter Ideas

Within Reach Learning Center is getting excited for Easter!  We will be having our annual Easter egg hunt this week.  Rather than pack the eggs with candy, how about offering alternative treats that kids will love just as much?  Here are some great Easter ideas that your family will love… Fill eggs with something other […]

St Patrick’s Day Fun

At Within Reach Learning Center we are gearing up for some St. Patty’s Day fun this week!  Here are a few ideas that you can use at home to have some Irish fun of your own… Make a leprechaun trap!  Those sneaky little leprechauns are always causing mischief.   Help your kids make a trap to catch those […]

Students of the Month

Within Reach Learning Center has 2 fantastic students to recognize as this February’s Students of the Month… Alexis Bradley (Reading) – We chose Alexis for student of the month because she is an extremely hard worker and she has the BEST attitude in class!  She is reading so well this month – she raised her […]

Favorite Books of Within Reach Learning Center Students

We asked … you answered.  To celebrate Within Reach Learning Center’s 8th Birthday we had 8 days of contests.  On Day 4 we asked for some of your child’s favorite books and educational apps.  Wow!  We got some great responses. Here are some of the books that your children love, along with some that Within […]

Great Valentines Day Books for Kids

Looking for a great book to read with your kids that captures the spirit of the Valentine’s Day? While books about the holiday itself are fun and entertaining, there are plenty of books out there that focus on friendship, feelings, and love.   Here are a few that we love at Within Reach Learning Center… […]

No Candy Valentine Ideas

Valentin’es Day is approaching fast!  You may have already received your child’s class list and are now racking your brain as to what you will give as Valentines.  Candy is always easy but what about something healthy for their brain this year? Here are some ideas for “No Candy Valentines” that are sure to please… […]

Successful Students at Within Reach Learning Center

Wow!  What a week of achievements at Within Reach Learning Center.  We had 4 reading classes and 4 math classes graduate and move up to their next level this week. Reading Class Graduates Let’s congratulate Ryan, Koko, Ella, Kirk, Jaydn, and Alexis.  All these students just graduated to level 4 and are working towards reading 100 words per […]

Crazy Hair Ideas!

Within Reach Learning Center’s annual Crazy Hair Day is next week! Each year we celebrate the summer reading and math contests by having crazy hair day and a snow cone party! We will be having crazy hair day on Wed. 8/29 and Thurs. 8/30. Just in case you need some ideas….I put some of the […]

Happy 100 Days at Within Reach Learning Center!

Congratulations Mateo! Happy 100th day at Within Reach. We have loved each day with him. He brings happiness and excitement to our center each week! He has been taking reading and math classes at Within Reach Learning Center for over a year, and it has been a joy to watch him grow and progress.   […]

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