Reading Classes

Learn to read using a phonics-based approach.
Build critical reading skills.
Get struggling students back on track.
Challenge accelerated students.

Learn to Read Classes: This class is perfect for your PreK or K child! Once they know their letters and sounds, let us take over!  We will have them reading within weeks!

Beginning Reader Class: Does your child have a good foundation of sounding out 3 letter words? But they still sound choppy and lack fluency? Are they lacking confidence? This class will help your child read with confidence, speed, and fluency!

Reading to Learn Class: This is great for kids 2nd-5th grade Build vocabulary by teaching roots, stems, prefixes, etc.
  • Build comprehension strategies
  • Teach students how to decode multi-syllable words.
  • Students practice: predicting, questioning, making inferences, retelling, synthesizing and summarizing, and choosing essential details.
  • Teach strategies such as self-monitoring, rereading, close reading, thinking aloud, and questioning the author.
  • Show how to connect texts to self, friends, and community and world issues


Within Reach offers…

  • Small Classes Limited to five students or less
  • Activity-Based Learning
  • Individualized Attention
  • A Fun and Challenging Environment
  • Improved Motivation and Confidence
  • Common Core Standards
  • Taught by Experienced Instructors


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