Covid-19 Safety

What Within Reach is doing during the Covid-19?

The health and safety of our students and their families is always a top priority, and we are attentively monitoring the COVID-19 situation. I am  honored to be supporting your children during this time. To do everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus, we have taken these measures to keep our students physically and mentally healthy. 

Drastically Increased Hygiene Efforts:

  • We will follow all CDC guidelines and go above and beyond in several areas. CDC Guidelines for Youth Programs
  • Employees will wear masks whenever interacting with students at a distance closer than six feet. Per CDC, the kids are not required to wear a face covering, but you are more than welcome to send your child with one if you would like them to wear one.
  • We are limiting class sizes to very small groups and have extra table areas for kids to spread out. There are no more than 4 kids per class.
  • Children and teachers will wash their hands before AND after class using this awesome tool: Hand Washing Timer
  • Our center is well stocked on soap and hand sanitizer
  • We are disinfecting all surfaces and supplies on an hourly basis
  • Limiting shared supplies 
  • Constantly enforce and reinforce the need for healthy practices like hand washing, covering your cough/sneeze, using good social distance, staying home or going home when sick, and other critical lessons.
  • Protocols are subject to change as the CDC guidelines change.











Intensifying Our Cleaning Protocols:

  • Daily use of a ULV Cold Fogger disinfecting machine (used in hospitals, hotels, and high traffic spaces)
  • Deep cleaning of center on a daily basis
  • Hourly disinfection of classroom furniture and material, entry areas, and high traffic areas within center facilities using hospital grade high-level disinfectant.











Sick Policy: 

  • I have always been serious about keeping sick kids home, but it is even more important now. 
  • I ask for 3 hour notice that your child will be missing class. That way I can notify someone else for a makeup. With notice, your child will be able to makeup their missed session.
  • If your CHILD or ANYONE in the family has had symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, fever, loss of smell or taste within the last week, please do not send them to class. 
  • If your child was not feeling well earlier in the day but they are better by the time class starts, I still want them to stay home. 
  • I reserve the right to send any child home that exhibits any form of sickness.









*We have systems in place to make sure things are clean. When it’s “dirty,” we sanitize. When it’s “clean,” we teach! It’s amazing how quickly the kids have adapted to flipping the cards when the area is being used.

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