Daily Math Activities

Our summer math contest at Within Reach Learning Center is really heating up!  The kids are having so much fun playing math games at home to help practice their skills.  It is important for kids to practice math everyday to stay sharp over the summer.

Here are some ideas for daily activities that you can do at home to practice math skills with your child…

Math Facts Monday – Start the week off strong by focusing on those addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts.  Some of our students really do enjoy testing themselves with flashcards – more power to ya!  But for the rest of you out there that have a reluctant math student, it’s important to keep it interesting with games.  Some games we like are Go Fish (there are tons of variations to chose from), simple dice games that can be adapted for any level, and math war, again the possibilities with this one are endless!

Time it Tuesday – Let’s face it – students of all ages can use  practice with telling time.  Make it interesting by planning different activities at different times of the day and having your child watch the clock.  You can practice elapsed time by taking a walk and tracking how long you walked.  And have your child track our favorite activity – have your child track how many minutes they practiced math for the contest!  What a rewarding way to practice!

What does it cost Wednesday – What kid doesn’t like working with money?  You can entice them with tasks like counting the change in your wallet and then rewarding their hard work by taking them to buy an ice cream with the change.  They can do a couple chores around the house to earn money and then total how much they made.  You can also do something as simple as letting them figure out how much change you will get back at the grocery store.

Think about it Thursday – Dedicate a day to problem solving and critical thinking and your child will be in great shape for the next school year.  Make up story problems together while you lay by the pool.  You can figure out how many miles you will travel on your upcoming vacation.  You can also keep track of how many miles you have traveled so far and how many more you have left to travel.

Fractions Friday – The funnest and most delicious way to practice fractions is by baking!  Baking involves measuring, reading fractions, and even adding fractions.  Plus, you get to spend some quality time together with your kiddos.  Just decide on a recipe together and let them help with the ingredients.  You can double the recipe for an added challenge or half the recipe to make a special treat just for the tow of you.  Either way your kids will get fantastic practice with fractions!

Within Reach Learning Center hopes that this inspires you do something fun to help your children practice math!  We would love to hear from you… how do you practice math with your kids?


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