Hook them on the Story

Encouraging a Love of Reading: Tip #1


When it comes to raising readers, you know the drill: start young, share books aloud, visit the library, and be a good role model.

Excellent advice, all of it. But what if you’ve toed that line and your child still hasn’t caught the spark? Or you’ve ignited a flame only to see it fizzle as he gets older and busier?

Here we will offer a host of creative suggestions and quick tips, all tested and organized into seven simple strategies for inspiring both new and veteran readers. So turn the page – and watch your kids do the same.

Tip #1

Hook Them on the Story

Start it together – Read aloud the first few chapters (or pages of a shorter book) to get your kids interested in the story, then let them finish it on their own. Make an excuse to step away. Start audio recordings on car rides, then make copies of the book available for your kids.

Pique their curiosity – If your son or daughter hits the tween years and stops reading, sit near him, quietly reading something you think he might like. When you hit a particularly interesting part, exclaim or laugh aloud, then share a compelling tidbit. Before you know it, your child will be curious and will want to know about what you are reading.

Alternate print and screen – To help a child who struggles with reading comprehension pay closer attention to stories, find books for which there’s a movie available online. Then alternate reading a chapter and watching the film. It’s like a game trying to figure out what changed and what was left out of the movie. It will be amazing how much they retain from the book when they know they are going to see the movie next.


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