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Encouraging a Love of Reading: Tip #4


When it comes to raising readers, you know the drill: start young, share books aloud, visit the library, and be a good role model.

Excellent advice, all of it. But what if you’ve toed that line and your child still hasn’t caught the spark? Or you’ve ignited a flame only to see it fizzle as he gets older and busier?

Here we offer a host of creative suggestions and quick tips, all tested and organized into seven simple strategies for inspiring both new and veteran readers. So turn the page – and watch your kids do the same.

Today we are on Tip #3.

Tip #3: Make it Social

Everything’s more fun with friends.


Read to a Pet – The family dog will never correct her. An audience of very attentive stuffed animals will never get bored listening to her read. Plus, the kids think it is funny to read to a pet.

Book Groups- Encourage your children to share books with friends. There is a good chance, if they enjoyed the book, his friends will too. Book groups can take many different forms. They can be theme based around interests – groups dedicated to biographies, science fiction, mysteries, etc. The groups can all read the same book at once in order to discuss it together, or it can be more like a swap-meet where kids  borrow and share their books with each other. Even in a non-formal discussion setting, eventually kids are likely to talk about their favorite parts, embarrassing events and the funniest characters in the books – on their own time and in their own way.

Family Read-a-thon – Occasionally cancel bedtime to read into the wee hours with your child. The gatherings might be planned – say, when a long-awaited title is released at midnight. Schedule a “Lazy Reading Day,” when you all climb onto one bed or sofa with books and magazines and share passages aloud as the spirit strikes.



















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