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Conference Tips

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How to Translate Teacher Talk 

When the teacher says: Your child isn’t working to her potential.  

She might mean: She’s doing as little as possible to get by.

She says: Your child is great, and I have no issues. 
This should be a red flag of sorts. It means your child doesn’t need extra attention to stay on task, so they may also not be getting enough attention.

She says: We need to place emphasis on her social skills and relationships. 

She might mean: Your child has difficulty making friends.

She says: Study skills need to be reinforced at home. 

She might mean: Please help your child prepare for tests. She isn’t able to do it on her own.

She says: Your child is a passive learner. 

She might mean: She rarely gets involved in class and leaves discussions to the other students.

She says: She’s a struggling reader. 
She might mean: With help and lots of practice, she can progress to reading at grade level. 


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