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I have been reading a lot of articles lately that stress the importance of family dinner time. Although Within Reach Learning Center can get in the way of family dinner time, I am always impressed when kids at my 6:30 class eat together as a family before class or right after class. It seems like a lot of parents are making it a priority, even with these incredibly busy times.

For the school-aged child, family dinners are a time to share and talk.  This is where they practice telling you about school, their friends, the picture they drew that day, the insect they found in the backyard or what books they are reading.  This is a time to practice manners. Many families have a regular way of sharing the day’s experiences: “What was the best and worst thing that happened today?,” “Highs and Lows,” or “What are you thankful for?”

As kids get older, family dinners are even more important.  Teens are going through a developmental stage where they are separating from their parents and joining a peer group.  Keeping tabs on them while they make this transition is important, and family meals give you a regular time to sit and talk about what’s up.  If family dinners are a regular occurrence, you’ll notice when something is bothering your teen.

Take the time to sit down and eat with your kids, even if it’s not convenient.  It doesn’t have to be every night, and it doesn’t have to be both parents.

Recently, one of my clients told me that they have a jar of questions, and the kids love to answer them. Here is one site that releases 30 new questions a month.

Each night at dinner time pull out one question and read it to the family. Some are silly and some are serious.   Get to know each other better and smile as you create memories with your loved ones!

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