Favorite Books of Within Reach Learning Center Students

We asked … you answered.  To celebrate Within Reach Learning Center’s 8th Birthday we had 8 days of contests.  On Day 4 we asked for some of your child’s favorite books and educational apps.  Wow!  We got some great responses.

Here are some of the books that your children love, along with some that Within Reach Learning Center loves…

The Junie B. Jones series seems to be a favorite among our students, and with good reason!  She’s funny, a bit cynical, and a character that kids can relate to.  These books are perfect for young readers and both girls and boys are sure to love them.  Be sure to check out juniebjones.com if your child loves these books.  There are fun games, activities, and character bios.

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The Fly Guy series is another favorite among Within Reach students.  These books are perfect for reluctant readers, and boys will absolutely love them!  These are short chapter books for young readers (K-2nd grade).  The hilarious stories about the friendship between a boy and his fly will keep kids interested and strengthen their reading skills at the same time.








The I Survived books are a fantastic series of historical fiction books.  These books are aimed at older readers (grades 4-6).  Each book is about a different historical event such as The battle of Gettysburg, The Attacks of September 11th, The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, and The San Francisco Earthquake.  Boys and girls will both love these stories.  They not only strengthen their reading skills but teach about history too.








The Horrible Harry books are also a great series to get young readers (ages 7-9) interested in reading.  The stories are full of humor and action, which is sure to get kids hooked.  There are 20 books in this series so your young reader is sure to find something they love.  Some great adventures are Horrible Harry Goes to Third Grade, Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion, and Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon.








The Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer series by John Grisham is a great series to check out for older readers (age 8 and up).  Theodore Boone is a 13 year old boy who finds himself involved in a murder trial and he is determined to see that justice is served.  These high interest books are sure to grab the attention of reluctant readers and keep them interested.








A fantastic resource for finding the right book for your child is James Patterson’s website readkiddoread.com.   You can find book suggestions for every age group as well as tips to get your child reading.

Thank you so much for your wonderful participation in our contest and for the great books that you shared.  We LOVE that your children have developed a love for reading!


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