Fun Easter Ideas

Within Reach Learning Center is getting excited for Easter!  We will be having our annual Easter egg hunt this week.  Rather than pack the eggs with candy, how about offering alternative treats that kids will love just as much?  Here are some great Easter ideas that your family will love…

Fill eggs with something other than candy!  How about a coupon for a special privilege like staying up an extra 10 minutes past bedtime.  You can also offer treats such as stickers, small jewelry for the girls, or silly putty.  Visit for 50 other fantastic ideas.

Decorate your eggs in a new, exciting way!  One idea that we like is shaving cream marbling .. add food coloring to shaving cream, swirl the colors, and roll the egg across the pattern.  Allow the egg to sit for a minute or so then wipe off the shaving cream. has a great blog with other creative ways to decorate your Easter eggs.







Play a fun math game!  Use those plastic eggs for something educational like a math matching game.  For a number matching game write the number on one side and corresponding dots (like on a die) on the other and have kiddos match them up.  For addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division fun, write the math fact on one side and the answer on the other and then match them.







Surprise them with some Easter magic!  Buy some “magic” jelly beans, plant them in your yard (this only works the night before Easter, wink wink).  Go outside the next morning to find a giant lollipop!   Kids will love this little bit of Easter magic.







Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear from you… what are some of your family’s favorite Easter traditions?


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