Fun Math Card Games

Are you looking for a fun alternative to flashcards to help you child practice their math facts?  How about a math card game!  At Within Reach Learning Center we LOVE math card games.  Easy to set up, simple rules, and only a deck of cards are needed.  Here are a few of our favorites…

Make 10 Go Fish – The same basic concept as the original game but instead of asking fellow players for a matching card, kids ask for a card that makes a sum of 10. For example if you are holding a 6 you would ask for a 4, making a sum of 10.  Kids love this fun twist on a classic game and get great addition facts practice while they play!

Math War – A favorite at Within Reach Learning Center!  Again, played like the original but with several different options for giving it a math twist.  Players each flip two cards and then either add, subtract  or multiply depending on their skill level.  The player with the larger sum/difference/product wins the cards.  Kids really get into this game!

Math Spiral – Another great game that can be customized to your child’s skill level.  Begin by creating a spiral game board with the cards (see photo).  Players put their game piece on the center card and roll the die.  They move their game piece that many places and then add, subtract, or multiply the number on the die and the number of the card they land on.  So simple yet so fun.

We would love to hear your child’s favorite math card game!

Check out for some other great math card games too.

Happy shuffling!


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