Fun Summer Learning Ideas

We all want our kids to have a fun filled summer, right?  You also want to make sure that all their hard work during the school year doesn’t get washed away with the sidewalk chalk!  Within Reach Learning Center believes that learning should be fun year round, but extra fun in the summer!

Here are some ideas for fun summer learning from

Pop & Learn – Here’s what you’ll need:  sidewalk chalk and snappers/poppers (the cheap-o things you can buy at the Fireworks stand that just make a popping sound when you throw them on the ground.  Using the sidewalk chalk, draw the shapes, letters, numbers, sight words, addition/multiplication facts, or anything else you can think of on the ground.  Open a box of snappers (aka poppers) and let your little one throw them on the answer that you call out.  Or let them call out their answer as they pop!







Make Dinosaur Fossils – Such a simple, fun idea!  Using an easy recipe for salt dough and adding some coffee grounds (find the recipe here) you can create your very own dinosaur fossils.  Just prepare the dough, stomp out some footprints using a toy dinosaur, bake in the oven and the next morning you will have dinosaur footprints!







Go on a Learning Walk –  Sometimes the simplest things can be the most meaningful…  Within Reach Learning Center loves this idea because it’s something that you can adapt for kids of all ages.  Little ones can point out numbers on mailboxes, letters on the stop sign, and colors of the flowers and trees.  Older kids can collect plants and categorize them later, observe bugs and write about what they see, or take pictures and make a journal at home!  Not materials needed for this one, just some walking shoes and your imagination!







Within Reach Learning Center hopes that this inspires you to have some good old fashion outdoor fun with your kids this summer.  We would love to hear how you incorporate learning into your summer activities!










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