Fun Ways to Practice Math

Summer break has officially begun!  At Within Reach Learning Center our summer math and reading contests are well under way.  We have handful of students who hit the ground running and are already racking up lots of minutes practicing math and reading at home.

Last week we shared some ways to keep your kids reading this summer.  Now we would like to share some fun ways to keep their math skills sharp.

Math Memory – The classic game of memory with a math twist.  All you need are some index cards and you can make this fun and easy game to play at home.  Write a few math facts on some of the cards (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction facts will all work great) and their answers on the remaining cards.  Then just play the game as usual, matching a math fact with its answer.  So simple yet so much fun!

Number Draw – This is such a fun game – all you need to play is your fingers!  Players stand facing each other and on the count of three they “draw” and show their fingers.  Each player works quickly to add, subtract, or multiply the numbers shown.  The first person to answer is the winner for the round.  This game can also be adapted for different skills such as even or odd and greater than less than.  For these skills players would use only one hand.  This is a great travel game that kids can play in the car this summer!

Roll It – So many math games can be played with just a pair of dice.  All these variations can be played by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and sometimes even dividing…

  • Roll 2 dice
  • Roll 3 dice to make a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number
  • Roll 3 dice, add two of them and multiple by the third
  • Roll 3 or more dice and order them from least to greatest

These dice games can be tailored to multiple players by having them each do 10 rolls and then recording their score.  Highest score wins. The possibilities are endless with just a few dice!

Within Reach Learning Center hopes that you find some fun new ways to keeps your math skills sharp this summer.  Keep racking up those math contest minutes!!



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