Graduating to Master Reader!

This week, we had two classes that graduated to Master Reader! Reading Tutoring Within Reach! 

This was a huge accomplishment that these kids have been waiting for. Many of these kids started at the very beginning of reading with me, so I am thrilled to see they grow and progress so much.

Some of these kids have just been with me for a few months, but that is exciting too because graduating to Master Reader means that their confidence and fluency has grown so much that they are ready to move on to more challenging material.

Master Reader is for kids who have the foundation of basic reading skills but need a boost to read with speed, accuracy, and confidence in tougher materials. It teaches kids how to break down large words into parts so they can read more fluently and spend less time and effort sounding out each word using a balanced approach to reading that pairs systematic instruction with engaging stories and books.

It is essentially what they learned before, but now in a more elevated way (now with multiple syllable words, compound words, etc. It is also with chapter books, paragraph reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and more!

I am excited to start this new program with these 8 wonderful kids! Congrats Harrison, Gregory, Adam, Lola, Austin, Leah, Taree, Aubrey, Jacob, and Luca! Master Reader at Within Reach Learning Center! Way to Go!

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