Great Summer Reading Activities

The weather is heating up, as is our summer reading contest at Within Reach Learning Center.  To keep your kids reading this summer you have to keep it fun!  Here are some great summer reading ideas from that are sure to keep the kiddos excited about reading all summer long…

Create a summer reading bucket list – Brainstorm some fun reading topics and fun places/spaces to read in with your kids that will keep them interested all summer.  Then, create a bucket list for them to choose from.  You can add topics such as read a book in a tent, read a book under a tree, read about a far away city, read a book in a funny accent, read a book about bugs, or read a book as a family.  Create more ideas of your own or visit for more ideas.

Read a Summer themed book – You can add reading a book at the beach to your summer reading bucket list and them pick out a great title about the beach – talk about summer overload!  Some titles that we like are…  The Seaside Switch by Kathleen V. Kudlinski about creatures found in the tide pools or The Sandcastle Contest by Robert Munsch, which is a sand castle themed book that also deals with feelings.

Read the book then watch the movie –  There are so many great books that have been adapted into movies.  A great way to keep kids interested in summer reading is to read a book together then have a family movie night!  Break out the popcorn, snacks, and blankets and create a family “drive-in” right in your living room.  Some book-movie pairs that Within Reach Learning Center likes are Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Ella Enchanted, How to Train Your Dragon, and The Night at the Museum.  Check out this list from for more great ideas.

Within Reach Learning Center hopes you have a fun-filled, reading-filled summer!  We would love to hear some of your favorite summer reading activities.


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