Hands-on Learning at Within Reach

Math is fun subject to learn about, especially when you make it exciting and hands-on.  That is what we did recently at Within Reach Learning Center with a group of students learning about area.

Taree, McKinley, and Austin are learning about finding the area of a parallelogram in their math class.  So we found a way to make it fun!  We grabbed some painters tape, a sharpie, and went to it.

Hands-on Learning


We simply measured out strips of tape and placed them on the floor in the shape of a parallelogram.  The kids were then able to “step” into the math problem as the physically stood on the parallelogram!  Using a yard stick we measured the sides and recorded the lengths on the tape with a sharpie.  Lastly we used white boards to calculate the area.

The students learned how to do a task that could have just as easily been taught out of a book, but by making the lesson hands-on they were able to “experience” the formula for area rather than just listen to it.  Also, they had fun while learning, which makes the lesson stick with them longer!

Another great idea for teaching area is to use Cheez-it crackers.  Kids can build a shape such as a square or rectangle with the crackers and then count them to find out the area.  This is a fun, and delicious way to learn about area!

Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear your thoughts on these fun math activities!  Does your child learn better from hands-on activities?


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