Happy Mother’s Day Activities

Within Reach Learning Center appreciates all the super moms out there that give their all, and then some, to their kids every day!  We want you to have a fun filled day of quality family time this year.

Here are some great ideas for activities from mom.me that you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day with your kids…

Have some story time – Share your special childhood moments with your little ones by telling your kids about your favorite moments with your mother, their grandmother. Talk about those adventures you remember and re-create those special times as the narrator. You can even turn this into a learning activity by asking questions about your story at the end!

Put on a performance – Rather than going out for a theater performance, let your kiddos be the star in your own production at home. Plan a mommy and me play complete with puppets, dolls and props to perform for the family on Mother’s Day. Have them help you create a story and plot that focuses on Mother’s Day or outings you have enjoyed.

Get crafty together – Break out the crayons, markers and construction paper to create a Mother’s Day card for grandmas and aunts. Your kids can express their creative side by choosing colors and designs for the homemade card. Your can encourage older kids to write a poem or short story for the relative.  This is also a great opportunity to practice spelling and printing for little ones.

Have a Dance Party – Stay active on your special day by breaking out your best moves with your kiddos. Share your favorite tunes together or have a dance off right in your own living room to get some exercise and create some memories. It’s likely your kids surprise you with some fancy moves and may show you some new ways to get your groove on!

Within Reach wishes you all a very special Mother’s Day!  We appreciate all that you do for your kids.  We would love to hear from you…

How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?



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