Helpful Homework Tips

Is homework time a battle in your house?  Homework time doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  Here are some fantastic ideas from the Happy Home Fairy to make study time a pleasant and, dare we say, fun experience!

Designated homework space – Give kids a special place to do their work.  At Within Reach Learning Center we love the idea of a chalkboard homework table (see image) for kids to work at.  Great for working out math problems or for taking a little brain break to doodle during long assignments.

Use a timer – Keeping a timer nearby is helpful for all types of learners.  For those who fight homework time it gives them a quick visual of how much time is left without giving them a way to stall by constantly asking “How much longer?”  You can use something as simple as an egg timer, a stop watch or an alarm clock.

Reward them for a job well done – There is nothing wrong with rewarding them when they have worked hard.  At Within Reach Learning Center we LOVE using stickers as a reward and do so every class!  Let your child pick out some stickers at the store and keep them on hand for homework time.  Give them a sticker for each page they complete.

We would love to hear from you… how do you manage homework time at your house?

Check out the Happy Home Fairy’s website for more great ideas for homework time.


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