Ideas to Make Books Interesting!

Does your child think books are boring?  At Within Reach Learning Center we understand that some kids do think that books are just not interesting.  Fortunately, this is an easy fix – just find the right book to hook your child into reading.  If the act of reading is boring to your child, find ways to make reading interesting and fun!

Here are some great ideas from that are sure to help you child develop a love of reading.

Make reading silly – If you have a kid with a good sense of humor use this to your advantage!  Show them that books can be silly and funny, too.  Books like Shel Silverstein are classics that can show kids how much fun reading can be.  Encourage them to write their own funny poems or short stories too!

Make it Tech-y – Incorporate your child’s love of technology into their reading.  Perhaps reading a book on a Kindle or Ipad would be a whole different experience for them.  While some of us love the traditional feel of holding a book and flipping the pages, our kids are growing up in an entirely different generation.  You may find that simply introducing them to a good e-book rather than a paperback version makes all the difference.

Make it an Incentive – Encourage your kiddos to read by giving them, or better yet letting them earn, money for books.  Perhaps reading for a set amount of time, doing chores, or practicing their math facts can earn them money that can be used toward a new book.  If you have younger children you can make a ‘book buck” for them to use toward the purchase of a new book.

Within Reach Learning Center hopes that you find these tips helpful for encouraging reluctant readers.  Visit for more great ideas.  We would love to hear from you… how do you encourage your reluctant reader?


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