Keep Them Reading and Writing This Summer!

We all want our kids to avoid the summer slide, right?  Kids can lose up to 60% of what they learn during the school year if they don’t keep practicing over the summer!  While summer is a time for vacations, camp-outs, parties, and bubbles, it’s important to also make it a time for learning.

Here are some great ideas from to help keep your kids reading this summer and avoid that summer slide…

Make it a Game – We are all about games at Within Reach Learning Center and what better way to keep your kids interested in reading this summer than to make it a game.  We love sight word Go Fish, sight word Memory, Scategories, and Pictionary.  You can also have a friendly, casual spelling bee with your kids!  Whatever you can think of to make reading fun!

Make it accessible – If the last time that your kids see a book this summer is when they turn in their textbooks at the end of the year you’ve got a problem!  The best way to keep them interested in reading is to always have reading material available.  Buy a new book series for them as an end of the year gift.  Pick up some new pencils and lined paper a the dollar store and create a writing center. If you have great things for them to read, chances are they will be interested.

Make it Different – While it’s natural for kids to feel burned out by the end of the school year, there’s no reason to let that continue into the summer.  Make reading fun by introducing new ways to enjoy it.  Make a fort in the living room out of a bed sheet and “camp out” with some flashlights and great books.  Grab some books and head to the park for a reading picnic.  If you are planning a road trip this summer stock up on some reading material about traveling and hit the road!

Make it Meaningful – Since reading and writing go hand in hand don’t forget to keep your kiddos’ writing skills sharp as well.  To keep them interested over the summer help them write about things that are meaningful.  They can write postcards to family members while on vacation.  Teach them to keep a journal over the summer and record all the fun things your family does.  Discuss reading goals with them and let them track their progress throughout the summer (help them graph their weekly reading or keep a running total of minutes read to keep those math skills sharp, too!)

Within Reach Learning Center hopes that your summer is fun filled as well as learning-filled!  We would love to hear from you… how will you keep your kids interested in learning this summer?


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