Learning CAN Be Fun!

Learning can and should be fun!  This is our philosophy at Within Reach Learning Center as well the premise of the new book Einstein Never Used Flashcards: How Our Children Really Learn – and Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less.  The book emphasizes the importance of enjoying time spent with your child and helping them learn through play.

At Within Reach we love teaching reading and math skills by way of super fun games.  Here are a few of our favorites that you can play at home, too…

Math Hangman – A fun twist on the classic favorite that reinforces place value.  Instead of guessing a word, kids guess a number.  Set up the game as usual and choose a secret number.  You can choose a number in the hundreds, thousands, millions, whatever level is right for your child.  To play you simply guess a number and what place you think it is in… “3 in the thousands place.”  Kids love this game, it is so easy to set up, and it gives them fantastic practice with place value.

Fun Words – This is a great game to practice spelling or sight words.  All you need is a white board or paper/pencil and a die.  Assign a task to each number on the die, for example 1 could be write the word and draw a picture.  Some other favorites are write with your opposite hand, with eyes closed, or with the board on top of your head.  You can come up with your own tasks too!  To play simply have your child roll the die, and give them a word and a task.  This is a great game to play with this week’s spelling list!  It is super fun and something that you can do together with your child.

Educational games can be such a great experience.  They reinforce concepts in a relaxed setting and help you spend quality time with your child while helping them learn at the same time.  Be sure to look into the great new book Einstein Never Used Flashcards…

We would love to hear your feedback… which of these games would you play with your child?  What other learning games do you and your kids like to play?


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