Make Math Exciting, Every Day!

Do you have a child that struggles with math?  Would you like to teach your child that math is an important part of our everyday life? Here are some great math tips to help you bring math to life for your child…


Time – Have your child count down the days/weeks/hours till a special event.  They can use a calendar to count down to their birthday, the weekend, or a family vacation.  Help them use a clock to count down to dinner time or their favorite T.V. show.

Measurement – Have tools such as a ruler, measuring tape, calculator, and scale available to use in your house.  Show them how to use them in everyday situations.  Use a scale to weigh fruit, a calculator to balance the checkbook, or a ruler to hang a picture on the wall.

Money – Ask your child to calculate your change at the grocery store.  Have them estimate the total cost while you are shopping.  For older kids, let them bring a calculator and keep a running total as you shop.  Your kids will have so much fun with this everyday math and help keep your Target bill in check at the same time!

Statistics – Encourage your child to track or graph scores and stats for their favorite sports team.  Have a baseball lover?  Teach them how to calculate batting average for their favorite players.  Basketball fanatic?  Help them record their team’s scores for the week and find the average.

Check out this fantastic image for more ideas for incorporating math into your everyday life.

Within Reach Learning Center would love to here from you… How do your help make math exciting for your kids?


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