Math Chapter Books… 2 Birds With One Stone!

What better way to get kids interested in math than by incorporating it into their reading, or vice versa!  There are some fantastic math chapter books out there that do just that.  Kids who are reluctant towards math may get interested when it is developed into a story with interesting characters.  On the other hand, reluctant readers may be more interested in a book with a unique math twist.

Here are some titles from that Within Reach Learning Center thinks are worth checking out…

Sideways Arithmetic From Wayside School – Fans of the zany humor in Louis Sachar’s Sideways Stories from Wayside School will enjoy the crazy take on mathematics in these two books. You know you’ve entered a strange school when your teacher can explain in mathematical terms how “she x he = sass.” Each chapter acts as a very short stand-alone tale that centers around a logic problem requiring math skills. They are pretty wacky, but also quite clever (and frankly, challenging!). The books also include clues and solutions to each problem-puzzle.


7×9= Trouble and Fractions=Trouble by Claudia Mills – These books are not only great for encouraging a love of math but they are also great for boys! Third grader, Wilson, is embarrassed that he struggles with math in school. He dreads timed tests and fears his friends will find out he has a tutor. There is much comic relief in the form of a hamster! Boys and girls are sure to love these books and reread them over and over. 


The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures by Malba Tahan – In ancient Arabia, Beremiz Samir dispenses his mathematical wisdom to solve problems, give advice and to inspired admiration wherever he goes. Math concepts and the history of important mathematicians weave through the adventures of one man during his travels.


The Math Wiz by Betsy Duffey –  Another great one for young boys! 3rd grader Marty looks at everything in his life as a math equation to be solved. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be able to solve his P.E. problem with any recognizable formula. The text includes pictures of the creative ways Marty sees the world in mathematical terms.


What better way to get the kids going for Within Reach Learning Center’s summer reading and math contests than with a math chapter book!  We would love to hear from you… what other math books do you read with your child?


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