Math Fun at Within Reach

We are having so much fun this week at Within Reach Learning Center with our new math game!  It’s easy, addictive, and reinforces several concepts.

Here is how we play,,,

All you need to play is a white board (with squares on one side) and a pair of dice.  You can also use graph paper if you don’t have a white board.  I explained to the kids that they are going to create a shopping mall, apartment building, or a really big mansion.  I will roll the dice to give them the measurements for each store/building/room.

To play simply roll the two dice to give them the area of their first rectangle which they had to place on the squared area of their whiteboards.  I then kept rolling the dice to create more buildings which they had to strategically place in order to fill their total construction site. They quickly learned not to leave gaps between buildings!

The first person to fill their entire board is the winner.  It gets pretty intense toward the end…if you cannot make a rectangle with the given measurements you have to skip that turn.

This game could also be played with two players on one board- taking turns to roll the dice and place a building until someone can’t place the area they’ve rolled and they’re out!

The kids had a blast with this game… they didn’t want to stop when the end of class came!  We love it because it reinforces area, measurement, spatial reasoning, and problem solving.  Not to mention it is so much fun!

We would love it if you tried this game at home and let us know what you think!

area game 2area game 1


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