Math Games Our Kids Love!

We have been having a blast this week in math class here at Within Reach Learning Center!  We have 2 math games that we have been playing that they kids really enjoy.  They are so easy to set up that you can play at home, too.

Guess My Number – This game is a cross between 20 Questions and Guess Who.  Basically you choose a number and the kids ask you questions about it in order to discover your number.  We guide them toward questions such as is it even or odd, is it two digits, is it a multiple of ___, is it divisible by ___, etc.

Guess my number

You can play this game by adapting a game board from the Guess Who game or you can play it without.  To keep it from being a mindless guessing game we set rules of how many questions each student had to ask before they could guess the number.  We have had a blast this week with this game.  The kids really like choosing the number and letting you guess, too!


Magic Number – The kids came up with the name for this one!  It’s a simple game that can be adapted in endless ways to match the skills of the child.  All you need is a pair of dice and a paper to keep score.  This week 2 classes are working on memorizing their x4 multiplication facts so we made 4 our magic number.  You simply roll the dice, add the numbers together then multiply that sum by the magic number.  We do 10 rolls then add up our scores – the highest score is the winner.  So simple, yet the kids really get excited about seeing who gets the highest score.  They love it when a certain answer keeps repeating!


This game can also be played with one dice for kiddos just learning multiplication (they would be practicing up to x6).  We have added in the second die so that they can practice facts up to x12.  For younger kiddos they can roll one die and then add or subtract  the magic number.  The possibilities are endless, and all it takes is a pair of dice!


Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear your feedback on these fun math games.  Play one at home this week and tell us how you liked it!



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