Math in Children’s Literature

If you are a faithful follower of our blogs then you know that we love to share fantastic books to read with your kids.  We also love to share great math tips on how to make math a fun part of everyday life.  So, naturally we couldn’t wait to share this list of books with math themes!  Here are some that Within Reach Learning Center likes…

The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang (addition) – A great book that teaches “tricks” to help make adding easier… Rather than laboriously counting 24 mushroom slices on a pizza, Tang suggests: “Let me give you some advice, / Just do half and count twice.” And in adding the number of dots on a fan: “Instead of seeing groups of threes, / Count by fives and it’s a breeze!”







Spunky Monkey on Parade by Stuart J. Murphy (multiplication) – A rollicking introduction to beginning multiplication, readers learn to count by twos, threes, and fours as they follow a group of exuberant monkeys parading down the street.







Socrates and the Three Little Pigs by Tuyosi Mori (probability/logic) – How many ways can three little pigs be placed in five houses so that no two are in the same house? That’s the problem that confronts Socrates the wolf, who wants to nab just one juicy porker for his hungry wife’s dinner.







The Math Curse by Jon Scieszka (problem solving) Did you ever wake up to one of those days where everything is a problem? You have 10 things to do, but only 30 minutes till the bus leaves. Is there enough time? You have 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants — can you make 1 good outfit? Don’t worry — it’s just the Math Curse striking! An amusing book about dealing with numbers in everyday life.

math curse






Visit for the complete list of books (there are over 100!)

We hope that you find this list inspiring!  What better way to help kids with a math concept that with a great book!  Let us know… which math book is your favorite?


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