Math Scavenger Hunt – A Fun Math Game for Kids

Are you looking for a way to get your child excited about math?  How about a fun game that allows you to spend time together while also practicing math facts and most importantly having fun!!  Why not try a math scavenger hunt?

We found this awesome idea at and it sounds like so much fun.  All you need are some post-its and some math facts.  You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, greater or less than, fractions, or any other skill your child is working on.

Simply write a math problem on the first post-it to start.  Then write the answer on another post-it, and put the next problem on the back of it.  Continue doing this until you have about 10 problems and answers.

Then scatter the post-its around the house.  Give your child the first problem and let them loose.  They will move around the house searching for the post-it with the correct answer and then read the next problem on the back.

For added fun you can include a prize at the end.  Within Reach Learning Center likes this game because it gives your child excellent practice with math skills.  Also, you can easily customize the game to match exactly what your child is learning.  And lastly, it is super fun and something you can do together!

Visit for more details on how to set up this game.  Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear how your child like the game!


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