May Students of the Month

Within Reach Learning Center would like to recognize two students for their outstanding effort and progress!  Our Students of the Month for May are…


Sydnee (Writing)


Sydnee is our May Student of the Month for writing class! She is such a joy to teach! Sydnee has been at Within Reach for reading, math, and writing classes. We are so lucky to have been teaching her for so long. She brings a level excitement to class that is greatly appreciated.

For the past two months, our writing class has been focusing a lot on comma rules. FANBOYS is the main one we have focused on: 2 complete sentences joined by a FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) equals a comma. We have had many assignments and quizzes, and Sydnee has shown amazing mastery in this area! She is my first student in 8 years to score 100% on all the quizzes! This is an amazing accomplishment! She is very good at correcting them, finding them, and helping others with this rule! We are very proud of Sydnee and her efforts! Way to go Sydnee!


Aiden (Math)


Aiden has made amazing progress since beginning at Within Reach and has really excelled with his addition and subtraction facts the last month.  He worked so hard the last few months to achieve and maintain a passing score on his district addition facts drill.  In April, we began practicing his subtraction facts and… WOW!  He went from 68% on his 1st try to 96% by his 4th try!  The best part for us is seeing how proud he is of himself when he scores well.  Aiden has also excelled as subtracting some pretty large numbers with borrowing/regrouping as well as telling time.

The thing we love most about Aiden is his positive attitude.  He doesn’t get discouraged when he makes a mistake.  He gladly accepts help and applies what he learns to the next problem.  He always comes to class with a smile on his face and has so much fun with his classmates.  We are so very proud of you Aiden, keep it up!!


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