No Candy Valentine Ideas

Valentin’es Day is approaching fast!  You may have already received your child’s class list and are now racking your brain as to what you will give as Valentines.  Candy is always easy but what about something healthy for their brain this year?

Here are some ideas for “No Candy Valentines” that are sure to please…

Bookmarks – Cute, fun, easy, and best of all they promote a love of reading!  You can purchase some simple ones at the store, make some with your child, or find some online and download them.  Within Reach Learning Center likes these from Summit Avenue Design

Pencils – How can you go wrong with pencils?  You can buy them literally anywhere and they are so inexpensive.  Add a cute saying like “Write On, Valentine!” and you’re all set!

Play-Doh – A time honored treat, play-doh is sure to please Valentines of all ages.  Again, very inexpensive and easy to package.  Just tape the Valentine right to the container or put it in a cute bag.  Either way you have made a unique and fun treat for you child’s classmates!

Magnifying Glass – Such a cute idea if your child is a science lover.  Attach a children’s magnifying glass to a card with the saying “Hey Valentine, I’ve had my eye on you.”  So adorable and unexpected!  Check out for a full tutorial and free printable.

Visit pluckymomo’s blog for more adorable no candy Valentines.  Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear your comments about these great ideas!




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