Offer Books as Treats

Encouraging a Love of Reading: Tip #4

When it comes to raising readers, you know the drill: start young, share books aloud, visit the library, and be a good role model.

Excellent advice, all of it. But what if you’ve toed that line and your child still hasn’t caught the spark? Or you’ve ignited a flame only to see it fizzle as he gets older and busier?

Here we offer a host of creative suggestions and quick tips, all tested and organized into seven simple strategies for inspiring both new and veteran readers. So turn the page – and watch your kids do the same.

Today we are on Tip #4


Offer books as treats

Make reading a reward, and kids will pick up on the excitement.

Tempting tableaux – Occasionally set up themed reading areas for them to find: a tea-party hideaway with snacks, stuffed animals, and books about friendly critters or a tent stocked with flashlights and books on camping, bugs, and animal tracking.

Book Fairy – Make your house a frequent stop for the Book Fairy, who leaves surprise reads hidden in the kids’ rooms. Or maybe the Tooth Fairy, your Elf on the Shelf, or a Leprechaun will bring a book.

Mystery book bag – Hide new books in a bag and have the kids ask questions to guess the series, title or theme before they can open the surprise.

Reward them with books! Instead of heading to the ice cream store or toy store, head to the library or book store and let them pick out new books as a reward.

Join the Kids ClubBarnes and Noble has a great kids club.
Remember to have fun! If kids see you reading in your free time, that will set a great example. 🙂

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