Outstanding Student Progress

Within Reach Learning Center is celebrating 4 math classes this week who graduated their current level and are moving on to the next! All these students worked so hard to master their skills and we are so proud of their success.  Help us congratulate our math graduates…

Aiden, Daniel, and Vincent all graduated from the Beta addition and subtraction level and are now moving on to the exciting world of Gamma multiplication!  In their Beta level the boys all worked hard to master addition and subtraction of up to 4 digits.  They all did so great learning to add and subtract with regrouping.  In this level they also learned telling time, rounding, bar graphs, and place value.  We are so excited of their progress and can’t wait to see how well they all do with multiplication.

grads 1

Preston, Carter, and Giovanni all graduated from the Alpha level of beginning addition and subtraction.  They mastered their addition and subtraction facts to 20 and will now move on the the Beta level of multiple digit addition.  These boys worked so hard on learning and memorizing their facts.  They are getting quicker and more automatic every day!  We also worked on skip counting, bar graphs, and geometry.  We are so proud of all their hard work and great attitudes toward learning!

grads 2

Rylee and McKinley’s class as well as Taree, Ausitn, Haden, and Caelum’s class all graduated from the Delta division level and are now moving on to Epsilon fractions.  They worked super hard on learning their division facts and then applying them to long division all the way up to 4 digits!  We also worked on area, finding averages, and place value.  We love how excited they all are to come to class and how much fun they have with their learning.  They are super excited to begin working on fractions.  Great job all of you!

grads 3


Within Reach Learning Center is so impressed with the progress of all these students.  They come to class each day with a smile on their face and are excited to learn.  We are so proud to share their success with you!


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