Positive Parenting Tips

“Don’t do that,” “Be nice to your brother,” “NO!”  Do you sometimes feel like more negative comes out of your mouth than positive?  In today’s busy world it’s hard to slow down and remember to be positive and compliment your children.  However, this is the type of talk that our children need the most of.

Here are some encouraging phrases that we love at Within Reach Learning Center that are sure to make your kiddos feel great about themselves…

“Thank you for your help,” “Your help really made a difference,”   “Thank you for your cooperation.”  Rather than just shooting a quick “Thanks” or “Good job” their way, try to take the time to tell your child just what they did that deserves praise.  By being specific they will know what type of behavior to strive for next time.

“Wow, you worked really hard,” “Look how far you’ve come,” “You should be really proud of yourself.” Rewarding your kids for being smart or getting good grades is nice, but it can be hard for them to live up to those compliments all the time.  By rewarding their hard work and perseverance you are teaching them to take pride in their work.  This reward will stick with them much longer than just words.

Visit Positive Parenting Solutions for more encouraging phrases that you can use.

Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear your comments… how do you reward positive behavior in your home?


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