Quality Fun for the Summer!

Looking for some ideas to keep the kids busy this summer?  Within Reach Learning Center thinks the key to a great summer for your children is a keep a balance between fun and educational.  PowerofMoms.com has a fantastic blog that shares ideas for keeping the kiddos entertained all summer.  She breaks it down into 6 categories to make sure you are getting the most of your summer.  Here are some ideas…

Reading – Reading for at least 20 minutes a day is crucial to avoiding the Summer Slide.  Keep it interesting over the summer by having a different reading activity for each day of the week.  Try reading outside, by the pool, in a tent with a flashlight, at the park, under a tree, in a hammock, or any other summery place you can think of.

Writing – Set aside time for writing each day.  You can give your kids summer themed writing prompts to keep it fun.  You can also write about how you are spending the summer.  Keep a journal to record your travels throughout the summer or write letters or postcards while on vacation.  You can encourage older kids to develop a short story or chapter book over the summer.  They can add a little to it each day and have  a unique finished product by the end of the summer!

Physical – Don’t forget about the all important physical activity each day!  While most kids are content to spend the entire summer in the pool, those non-water babies may need some encouragement to be active as the weather heats up.  Some ideas for fun physical activity – take a walk/hike (early in the morning if it’s too hot), play basketball, go to the park, play tag, or have a dance party.  When the weather really heats up you can always head to the mall for some walking and free air conditioning!

Practicing – To keep those skills sharp for September be sure to set aside 20 minutes a day for practicing specific skills.  This includes math facts, typing, spelling, vocabulary, piano, etc.  Make it fun by playing math or spelling games.  Put on a “recital” to practice music skills. Take you laptop outside and practice your typing under a tree.

Home – Don’t let the kids skip out on responsibility and accountability this summer!  Make time for household chores such as cleaning their room, helping with the dishes, vacuuming, or folding laundry.  You can give them a small reward for shores they complete – money to save up for a summer movie day or they can pick an activity of their choice for the weekend.

Extra – Help your kids make a goal for themselves for something they would like to accomplish.  Perhaps learning a new language, learning to sew, or riding a bike.  Then set aside time each day to work on their new skill.  By the end of the summer they will be so proud that they learned something new, and they will have had fun doing it!

Within Reach Learning Center  hopes this inspires you to create some fun with your family this summer.  Visit Powerof Moms.com for a great checklist you can download to keep the kiddos on track.  We would love to hear from you… what fun daily activities do you plan to do with the kids this summer?


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