Red Ribbon Week Ideas


Our community is celebrating Red Ribbon Week this week, so I thought I would come up with some ideas to help you celebrate.


  • Place red ribbons and bows all over your community – office buildings, posts, trees, billboards, mailboxes, bicycles, dogs, yourself, spouse, friends, boss, employees, buses, car antennas, front doors, fire trucks, police cars, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • String a banner across the front of your school, your main street, the entrance to your football field, etc.

  • Wear ared ribbon
  • Invite a Speaker to talk to your school, organization, or business about current drug trends.
  • Give a speech in your classroom, school, business, “Take a Stand”, point out the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs on lives, families, brains, bodies, and futures.

  • Wear a Red Ribbon
  • Wear Red face paint
  • Have a crazy red hat contest
  • Wear all red to your reading tutoring in Mission Viejo. 🙂
  • Wear red socks to show you’re socking it to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, decorate white socks with red ribbons.
  • Give an award to the class covered with the most red, award the class with the most people with red clothing, give them red candy as awards.
  • Don’t miss a chance to parade in your Red Attire. Plan a parade in the halls, in the street around your school, down Main Street in your town, around the football field, show people that you are down on drug use in our community.
  • Have a rally at school, invite all the parents and neighbors.
  • Have a block rally in your neighborhood, dress the block red.
  • Dress your school in Red – make red construction paper window panes for all your windows.
  • Decorate your math tutoring class in Mission Viejo totally in RED. 🙂

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