Screen Free Week

This week is “Turn off the TV” week. At Within Reach Learning Center we think it is a fantastic idea to go screen free and spend some extra quality time with your family, sans technology.  Here are some ideas for fun activities to do with the whole family.

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Take a family bike ride.  What better way to connect than out in the fresh air.  Plus the exercise doesn’t hurt either!

Work on a puzzle together.  Clear off the coffee table and break out the jigsaw puzzle!  This is a great activity that everyone can take part in.  And puzzles are so addictive that hours will fly by without even thinking of watching T.V.

Have a reading picnic inside.  Grab a blanket, some snacks, and a great assortment of books and read, read, read!  Take turns reading to your kids and having them read to you.  You can even choose a play or readers theater selection and play different parts.

“Visit” another country.  Chose a country that your would love to visit someday.  Then go to the library and check out some travel books, cookbooks, educational books, etc. and put together your own travel brochure.  Then cook up all the food one night and “visit” your country!

Just go somewhere.  Go to the park, go bowling, visit a museum, take a hike, go to the ice cream shop – the possibilities are endless.  Sitting in the house doing nothing will make kids miss their video games.  Go somewhere fun and they will forget all about them!


Within Reach Learning Center would love to hear from you.  Are you planning to go screen free this week?  What activities will you do to keep your kids busy?



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