Student of the Month-Feb.

Each month we pick students who go above and beyond, and we award them with Student of the Month.

Who was chosen this month????


I have noticed that students have been having trouble with their comprehension, so I decided to make a comprehension challenge for the Student of the Month. All month we worked on techniques and new stories to focus on comprehnsion. We played lots of comprension games and did lots of book reports.

At the end of the month, we had two students that did a super job!


Taree did such a great job this month on comprehension! She was so excited and motivated throughout the whole month. She did a great job reading all the stories and answering my comprehension questions. She answered my questions with great ease and accuracy. In the end, she answered 66 out of 70 questions correctly. I am so proud of Taree. She is a true pleasure to teach. When she comes to class, the teachers cannot help but smile because she brings a level of excitement to the class that is really appreciated!











Arav also did an awesome job with his comprehension this month! He also got 66 questions correct out of 70! He has been at Within Reach Learning Center for quite some time! He is reading really well and quickly, and the amazing thing is that his comprehension is just as strong! He was very motivated throughout the whole month, and ended up tying with Taree on the last day of the competition. He was super excited! Arav is such a wonderful child. He is always thoughtful and helpful in class, and he always tries his best. I have loved being his teacher for so long, and I am so proud of him for being Student of the Month!












We have been noticing for quite some time that the kids are makes lots of careless mistakes with their math problems, and lots of them are based on just messy writing. So, we came up with a challenge for all the math students this month: write neatly. We bought new white boards that have grids on them, so the kids will work harder to write neater and to line up their numbers and problems. It really seemed to help.

Matthew did an awesome job this month, and he was awarded Student of the Month. Every time the kids wrote neatly throughout the month, they received a point. Matthew received almost triple the amount of points than any of the other kids! He was so motivated the whole month. He has been coming to Within Reach Learning Center for over a year to build on his math skills, and I am so impressed that he is always happy in class, and he is motivated to improve on his writing and skills. I am proud that he always puts forth 100% in class.


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