Student of the Month for December

Each month we pick students who go above and beyond, and we award them with Student of the Month.

Each month I will blog about each of these students.


Luca received Student of the Month for December because he has been working so hard on his writing. When he first came to me this summer, he was a typical boy. He rushed, and he did not give much thought to his work. However, in just a few short months, he has transformed into a thoughtful student. He now really tries to turn in work that is very neat and always has correction punctuation. I love that he takes pride in his work now.

I am very proud of the progress he has made, and I look forward to watching him grow and progress even more.


This month for math class, we had 2 Students of the Month! Nikka and Macy. They both passed 4 levels of Rocket Math in less than a month! That is a huge accomplishment. Rocket Math is a one minute timed test where the students have to answer 50 questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/division in that one minute.

Nikka tried really hard this month. She has earned Student of the Month for Reading before, but this is her first time for math class! She was very motivated and it paid off! Her fact fluency has really improved. It is amazing that even after many months in the math program, Nikka continues to grow more confident and get faster with her facts.

Macy has the best attitude! She is so delightful to teach! She is so motivated, and she loves coming to class. She screamed with happiness when she learned that she earned Student of the Month! It was super cute.  Her confidence has really improved. She is now answering questions with greater accuracy and speed, and it really showed this month. She has only been at Within Reach for a couple of months, and she is already on her way to great progress!

Congratulations to Luca, Nikka, and Macy! We are very proud of you. 🙂

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