Student of the Month-January


Each month we pick students who go above and beyond, and we award them with Student of the Month.


For January, I awarded Mateo student of the month! He has been coming for quite some time now, and I am always thoroughly impressed with his attitude. He always comes in with huge smile on his face. Even when the material gets challenging, Mateo always stays positive. It is so wonderful to have a child that brings that level of excitement to class. I am grateful for his enthusiasm, and I look forward to seeing him each day he comes. His excitement always rubs off on the other students too. 🙂


For math classes this month, we awarded 2 kids Student of the Month. Both of them did such a great job…we couldn’t pick just one. 🙂

We awarded Olivia Student of the Month because she is doing such a wonderful job with Rocket Math. She has passed Rocket Math 6 times in a row! WOW! That is such an accomplishment. There has not been another kid yet in math class that has even come close to that record! Rocket Math is a one minute timed test where the students have to answer 50 questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/division in that one minute. Each time she passes, she is overjoyed to share the news with me! It is so cute. Olivia is a true joy to teach. She has a wonderful attitdue, and it is great to see her confidence and fact fluency improving!


Our 2nd Student of the Month for math is Gregory. Gregory was super excited when he learned that he earned it! Gregory has been coming for a few months now, and he is a joy to teach.  One way we see how the kids are doing in class is by giving them homework to do outside of the classroom. Unfortunatly, most kids do not do their homework because of their busy schedules. So to encourage the kids, we told them that the child who turns in the most homework for December (the worst month for homework becuase kids are on vacation and super busy) will earn Student of the Month. Gregory won that contest! He turned in double what most other kids turned in! I am proud of him for finding the time to do his school work and our work. He has a wonderful attitude, and he is really motivated to improve. Gregory’s confidence has really improved.


Congratulations to Mateo, Olivia, and Gregory! We are very proud of you! 🙂


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