Successful Students at Within Reach Learning Center

Wow!  What a week of achievements at Within Reach Learning Center.  We had 4 reading classes and 4 math classes graduate and move up to their next level this week.

Reading Class Graduates

Let’s congratulate Ryan, Koko, Ella, Kirk, Jaydn, and Alexis.  All these students just graduated to level 4 and are working towards reading 100 words per minute.  They are all such hard workers and have fantastic attitudes.  It is such a joy to watch them grow and progress.

Mason, Kaitlyn, Tavin, Nathan, and Ethan are all 1st graders graduating to level 4. This group is working on getting to 80 words per minute and will now begin more advanced material. They were super excited to graduate!

Peyton, Aspen, and Marcus graduated to level 3 are starting chapter books!  They are doing very well with them. We are excited to watch them grow and progress even more.

Ryan, Daniel, Bobby, and Riley graduated to level 4. They are such a great group of kids. They always try their hardest and their progress really reflects that!

Congratulations to all our Reading Graduates

IMG_3771 IMG_3779 IMG_3783 IMG_3775

Math Class Graduates

Eryn, Mateo, Harrison, and Elijah all graduated from Beta Addition and Subtraction level.  They are now moving on to the exciting world of Gamma Multiplication!  They are all such hard workers that we know their success will continue!  They are so excited for multiplication!

Taree, Austin, McKinley, and Oliver all graduated from Gamma Multiplication and are now headed into Delta Division.  They worked so hard memorizing their multiplication facts.  It is exciting to see their progress and we look forward to much more!

Nicola, Tyler, Rylee and Josh all graduated from the Delta Division level and are now moving on to Epsilon Fractions.  We are so proud of all the hard work they put in.  They are sure to be successful with their new, more challenging material.

Congratulations to all our Math Graduates

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