Super Students of the Month

This month at Within Reach Learning Center we did something a little different to choose our Students of the Month.  All students participated in our READO and MATHO activity.  At the beginning of the month each student received a READO and/or MATHO paper – a sheet of 25 activities to complete.  The sheets had fun activities for the students to do at home like play math war, make a reading hideaway, write a letter to the president, add up all the ages in your family, etc.  Our student of the month winners were the students who completed all 25 activities the quickest.  Help us congratulate these hard working students…

Zain (Math) – Zain was the first student to complete all 25 MATHO activities!  He worked so hard on all of them, and consistently completed at least 1 (usually 2 or 3!) activities before each class.  He was truly the super star of this competition for math!  He is such a joy to teach. He is fairly new to Within Reach, and we are so grateful for his awesome attitude and enthusiasm! Way to go Zain!!!



Koko (Reading) – Koko was the first reading student to turn her READO in!  She was super motivated the whole month.  It was so fun to see her so enthusiastic about this activity.  We are so proud of her efforts! She turned in work that was so well written and creatively done. I know she is super proud of herself too!



The next 3 students turned their READO’s in on the same day!

Alex (Reading) – Alex worked so hard on her READO!  She completed all the activities with such neatness and effort.  She is such a joy to have at Within Reach! She always has a smile on her face, and she always comes in ready to work hard. Her efforts are greatly appreciated.



Tavin (Reading) – Tavin turned in work that was so neat! He was super excited to turn in his new activities each week.  He really had such a fantastic attitude toward READO! I love watching him grow and progress! He was so motivated, so I am thrilled that he finished them all!


Eryn (Reading) – Eryn turned in work that was so well done.  Each assignment was well written and super neat.  She really took the extra effort in her writing, too! When it asked her to write a sentence or two, Eryn took the extra effort to write complete paragraphs for each assignment. I loved reading all her work.


Congratulations to all our Students of the Month.  We appreciate your outstanding efforts this month!


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