Math Chapter Books… 2 Birds With One Stone!

What better way to get kids interested in math than by incorporating it into their reading, or vice versa!  There are some fantastic math chapter books out there that do just that.  Kids who are reluctant towards math may get interested when it is developed into a story with interesting characters.  On the other hand, […]

Great Books for Boys

Which books will get my son reading?  We hear this question a lot at Within Reach Learning Center!  While boys are just as good at reading as girls it’s sometimes hard for them to find books that really grab their attention. Here are some great book series that will grab your boy’s attention !in the […]

Teacher Recommended Read Aloud Books

We all want our kids to become great readers.  A fantastic way to help them achieve this is to read aloud to them.  Reading to your children improves their comprehension, models fluent reading for them, and is a great way to spend quality time together. Here are some books that Within Reach Learning Center thinks are excellent […]

“Mighty Girl” Books

Within Reach Learning Center believes that children should have the opportunity to read books, play with toys, listen to music, and watch movies that offer positive messages about kids and honor their diverse capabilities. A great site called A Mighty Girl is dedicated to doing just that for young girls everywhere.  They are the world’s largest collection of books, toys, […]

Fun Easter Books

Looking for a last minute surprise to add to the kids’ Easter basket?  How about a fun Easter book?  Here are some that Within Reach Learning Center likes… The Easter Egg by Jan Brett  – The beloved children’s author shares a tale of her lovable bunny hero, Hoppi, and her remarkable Easter Rabbit will enchant readers as they […]

Reasons to Read Aloud

You want your child to love reading, right?  Reading aloud to your child helps them develop that love for reading, as well as become a better reader themselves. The Read-aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease is a great book that describes the importance of reading aloud to your child.  He talks about how reading aloud fosters a […]

Favorite Books of Within Reach Learning Center Students

We asked … you answered.  To celebrate Within Reach Learning Center’s 8th Birthday we had 8 days of contests.  On Day 4 we asked for some of your child’s favorite books and educational apps.  Wow!  We got some great responses. Here are some of the books that your children love, along with some that Within […]

Great Valentines Day Books for Kids

Looking for a great book to read with your kids that captures the spirit of the Valentine’s Day? While books about the holiday itself are fun and entertaining, there are plenty of books out there that focus on friendship, feelings, and love.   Here are a few that we love at Within Reach Learning Center… […]

Successful Students at Within Reach Learning Center

Wow!  What a week of achievements at Within Reach Learning Center.  We had 4 reading classes and 4 math classes graduate and move up to their next level this week. Reading Class Graduates Let’s congratulate Ryan, Koko, Ella, Kirk, Jaydn, and Alexis.  All these students just graduated to level 4 and are working towards reading 100 words per […]

100 Best Chapter Books For Children

Are you looking for ways to instill a love for reading in your child?  Chapter books are a great way to strengthen your child’s reading skills and get them interested in reading.  Young readers can discover far off places, read about fascinating people, and use their imaginations to become part of the story. Is your child ready for chapter books?  Check out […]

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