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Within Reach Learning Center has been a blessing for our two boys.  They both started when learning to read and are top readers in their classes at school.  Miss Janelle has developed a program that combines small class size with a fun approach to learning that keeps her students interested and wanting to progress. My oldest has switched to her math program and was at the top of his 3rd grade class in math as well as reading. Miss Janelle has a great communication policy with the parents as well as with your child’s teacher if you wish.  Everyone is on the same page.   We go year round and never have to experience the so called, “Summer Slump.” -Julie

All 3 of my boys, with different learning styles, have learned to read with this program.  I’ve referred many friends here without hesitation.  Classes are small group (4 students typically), and the kids play games and have fun-I never had to drag my kids to class. The program director is professional with the parents and fun with the kids.  The investment in my kids’ love of reading and confidence in school has been one of the best I’ve made.- Mina


“Straight A’s and High Honor Roll!! I can’t believe what a huge change Muriel has made in her reading skill and confidence! Just a year ago she was reading below grade level – now she’s so excited to be at the top of her class. Thank you, Miss Janelle, you made such a difference in this child’s life!” -Melissa

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“Take your children to Within Reach right now. Ms Janelle has a proven process to help kids grasp material. Most importantly, she creates an environment where kids want to learn. I could not be any happier with my daughter’s results from Within Reach. Within Reach Learning Center has changed the way Allie looks at reading and even school. Her confidence level is night and day and I love how she walks out of each class with a big smile because of the work she has done. Thanks Ms Janelle!”-Krista and Matt

“Within Reach is a place where my child can realize he can read and develop his skills in a fun, supportive atmosphere!” -Carolyn

“My child has improved dramatically with his  skills, which has boosted his self esteem and confidence.” -Becky

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