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Encouraging a love of reading: Tip #5

When it comes to raising readers, you know the drill: start young, share books aloud, visit the library, and be a good role model.

Excellent advice, all of it. But what if you’ve toed that line and your child still hasn’t caught the spark? Or you’ve ignited a flame only to see it fizzle as he gets older and busier?

Here we offer a host of creative suggestions and quick tips, all tested and organized into seven simple strategies for inspiring both new and veteran readers. So turn the page – and watch your kids do the same.

Today we are on Tip #5

Think Outside the Book

If your kids go for information, there are lots of ways to get it.

Fuel their passions – Supply your kids with a variety of reading material on their favorite subjects. Subscribe to niche magazines like Cat Fancy, Fishing, or Sports Illustrated Kids. Then regularly scan newspapers, magazines and websites for articles that might appeal to them.

Mix up the media – For kids who’ve grown up with computers, an e-reader or tablet – such as a Nook, Kindle or iPad – can be an instant draw. Audio books, which allow restless kids to play, draw or otherwise move about while listening, can work similar wonders. Audio books are also great read along with the print version too.

Log the laughs – Keep a rotating supply of quick reads, including joke collections, Guinness Book of World Records, and animal almanacs, in your car so kids can flip through the pages and share facts and funnies as they roll.





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